nnnnhhnnn – hnnnhnnnnh

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nnnnhhnnn – hnnnhnnnnh (2014, diminishing paperback book)

analogue series (muscle) (2014, concrete)

n (working title) (2014, concrete, bread)

N (working title) (2014, concrete, bread)

– glossy black tongues crawling around (some torn into small pieces). one splays itself over a half-crushed loaf of bread. one sits possessively on top of the remains of a book. i pick it up to take a page & its weight takes me by surprise. i now have a page of thin paper (torn down one side). it’s filled with words that are nothing to me but noises – hnnnhhnnn, hnnhhh, hnnnh, hnnnhhnnnn. maybe these are the noises the tongues make silently as they crawl around in their enclosure. i am disgusted by them but i also want to touch one again. even when i am not touching them my skin reacts to them. hnnnhhnnn hnnhhh hnnnh hnnnhhnnnn is silently humming inside me, wanting to say itself.

Michael Dean, 2014 (part of Till the stars turn cold at S1 Artspace 4/9/ – 6/12/14)