dancing to the tune of the infinitive

“Becoming is never what is, it is always that which has just happened and that which is going to happen. Yes, you can say that with becoming there is a continual side-stepping of the present.”

“That is the thing with becoming, it never faces you…”

“What is ‘to dance’? Answer: it is the unlimited becoming of dancing…”


(footnote 1) “…free indirect speech is a style where within indirect speech there is an indeterminacy between the speech and thinking of the narrator/reporter and the speech and thinking of the character or reported.”

Yve Lomax, “Sounding the Event” (2005).



Aion & Chronos

Aion: eternity, unbounded (“flat”?) time

Chronos: empirical, divided (i.e. past, present, future) time

(In the text Lomax discusses – & converses with a personification of – Aion, as opposed to the classically more typical Chronos).