transmission: warren neidich

– idea of “autonomous artist” (originating 60s-70s – judd/smithson/kosuth) – curate, write, sell – setting up own galleries

– spectrum of cynical materialism (e.g. using neuroscience for political or commercial advantage) vs. emancipatory materialism

– “resistance is fertile” (2006)


(images from artist’s website)

(“resistance” (negatively) associated with radicalism in u.s.)

– 19th century  – birth of protest, striking etc.

– no longer useful for confronting modern (“cognitive”) capitalism

– project of using art world as a testing ground for “poetic philosophy” – developing glossary for cognitive activism: art as cultural laboratory

– cultural plasticity >>>>> neural plasticity

– artists take on central role: can resist normalisation of brain structure (only 40% of connections determined at birth) by stimulating new connections

– language also a large factor

– “neurobiological sublime”/qualia