takashi ito

the moon, 1994

“A long time ago, I would often dream of the uncanny and mystical landscape that appears in moonlight. Irrational landscapes and spaces filled with unspeakable pleasures like a black object that revolves slowly while flying over the scattered clouds that float in the night sky, their lumps illuminated by the light of the moon.” (T.I.)

spacy, 1981

“His films are like a roller-coaster. His way of throwing the act of seeing into utter confusion is an attack on the eyes in their corporeal function, and to attack the eyes is to take on tile body itself as your opponent. The film makes you break out in sweat only by shooting a safe, peaceful gymnasium in the dark.” (Koharu Kisaragi)

“Film is capable of presenting unrealistic world as a vivid reality and creating a strange space peculiar to the media. My major intention is to change the ordinary every day life scenes and draw the audience (myself) into a vortex of supernatural illusion by exercising the magic of films.” (Takashi Ito, in Image Forum, Oct.1984)

“Perhaps it is not necessary to retrace Takashi Ito’s accomplishments since then. In addition to reinventing the eidetic nature of animation, he creates mysterious spaces through the use of strobes in real landscapes. His subjects become like ghosts in fields of unnatural light. Above all, the complex arrangements of his latest works reveal a creator of wonderlands where the boundaries between genuinely still photos and the frozen split-second moments of strobes are blurred. Those interested in images will be awed by the photographic processes. Those not concerned with technique will be fascinated and pulled into this weird world of lightning visual effect.” The Wonder of Takashi Ito’s Land, Nobuhiro Kawanaka

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– deformation/subversion of filmed time & space (spacy functions as pure deconstruction of idea of cinematic space)

– also calls into question perception/integrity/stability of viewpoint/subject (whoever’s eyes we are looking through)