transmission: andrew conio

– by asking “what do you want?”, questioner assumes position of power

– this power built upon suppression, exclusion of Other  (Derrida)

– refusal to make any demands, to answer the question, signifies refusal to engage with this structure (not performing to rhetoric of those who claim power)

– Occupy as rhizomatic model of society

– “Become imperceptible” (instruction to those who would be artists)

– removal of division between critique & joy

– Deleuze & Guattari: artists & philosophers “breathless and with bloodshot eyes…they have seen something in life that is too much for anyone, too much for themselves, and that has put on them the quiet mark of death.”

– Laura Cull: art immanent (inherent, pervading) to life

– generative power of difference

allora & calzadilla, raptor’s rapture, 2012

– about this difference