3 film studies

films (working titles). shot last summer at cleethorpes.

in film studies fixed camera implies neutral, impersonal observation (external to universe of shot). moving camera implies more specifically an observer (within universe of shot) (associated w/ voyeurism). cycling through still images to create a kind of stuttering motion then suggests something between the two (an incomplete subject?), or entangles both. so undermines the subject position or the relationship between subject & object (internal/external to reality of shot?).

in second film specifically, sequence suggests an interrupted falling-forward, a vertigo-inducing motion that never completes but cycles back to the beginning. shifting further undermines subject & position within reality of the shot by seeming to disobey gravity & linear time.

refers to la jetee through play with time & sequence, as well as use of still images & setting.

think it also relates to existential idea of mutually cancelling states of perception & (self-)consciousness? as well as more obviously the self as void. traumatic aporia also implicated through atemporality/lack of linear progression.