new work // trying out different arrangements

photographs with sections removed



– sensual nature

– embodiment

– hand – gestural/exploratory. hands are an interesting body part: kind of a boundary part: we use them to form contact with surroundings. both objects & other people; they’re an edge part. they’re really sensitive & important to how we form impressions & process/manipulate things, but we also see them so much they become partly externalised? they almost have a life of their own. so it’s a weird contradictory body part.

– isolation emphasises vulnerability

– tight framing – almost like the hand is getting in the way of the image. like it’s inescapably foregrounded in trying to make sense of anything.

– on the edge of, but resisting, (objectifying?) portrayal of the body. refusing to show anything else. using artist’s body: doubling of subject/object//stretching//disconnect between subject-me & object-me: fracturing of role/identity

– voids/holes/removed sections:

– shifts back to borderline of perception primarily of interior reality of image vs. perception as object

– relationship with hand – there is literally something missing from the subject

– moves across between images. it’s interacting with the image in the same way as the hand moves across the two surfaces?

– starts by severing hand from (out of frame) body; separates it from what’s not in the picture. it’s like in the moment of awareness/perception the hand becomes an independent entity?

– shifts to partially eclipse hand itself. first we perceive the hand & it takes on its own reality; then awareness of it eclipses the hand itself?

– backgrounds different/not connected – dislocation in space/time

– light/dark//contrast of textures

– dark fur in second picture maybe reinforces sensual/animalistic nature?

– sequential

– doesn’t form a narrative – more sets up a repeating rhythm shifting back & forth. but it doesn’t resolve into anything.

– really anti-verbal; primarily it’s gestural, bodily. but weightless. impossible to get a grasp on anything before it’s eclipsed by the awareness of it.


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