new drawings on A3 graph paper (click for full size).


trying different colours:


yellow takes longest because it’s hard to see (need bright daylight). also doesn’t show up as well.


it’s difficult to keep the pattern natural.


as objects, they are made using a lot of time but very little energy. it’s a very small action to make over & over. it feels about right in terms of what action i can take, & in terms of what materials i’m comfortable with. & despite how long it takes it’s not very noticeable. if you make one mark, it shows up, but if you fill a space with the same mark, it nearly disappears. what it adds up to is almost the same as nothing. this is maybe almost as far as it’s possible to go in terms of a passive artwork. there’s a lot of movement within it, but the overall effect is of stillness.

also it’s a contradictory kind of space, that’s sort of representational but also flat & unreal. & there’s also the sandwiching of the grid with the pattern of the drawing.

reminiscent of illustration/illumination (from materials and line), might also look like a series of windows. from a distance it doesn’t look like anything except texture, just kind of an uneven wash of colour.

kind of a tension where maybe you expect something to break the monotony, but nothing appears, so the expectation is not resolved. obsessive quality probably, but it’s a passive, fragile kind of obsession. it’s a lot of effort to put into what is almost a non-drawing.